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We angle by the abstracts and accomplishment of our Adviser Branded Stainless Animate Products, and aback our them with a Adviser Affiance Lifetime Agreement which covers manufacturer's defects. If you feel any of your Adviser Stainless Animate articles are defective, amuse ample out the anatomy below. We may ask you to photograph your artefact or mail your artefact to our ability for review, so amuse accumulate the artefact until the affirmation is resolved.

*Please NOTE: If your artefact was damaged during transport, or above-mentioned to use, and you purchased the artefact from addition retailer, online or brick and mortar, amuse acknowledgment the artefact to the aboriginal abode of purchase. If you do not alive in the Affiliated States, we will absolute you to a benefactor abreast you to handle your claim.

Normal abrasion and tear, which includes dents and scratches, or abusage of artefact such as damage: e.g. freezing the canteen or agreement a artificial cap in fire, are not covered. We will additionally not awning absent or baseborn items.

If you purchased your Adviser artefact from a retailer, we acclaim abiding it to the banker to abstain acknowledgment aircraft charges.

Stainless Animate Affliction & Cleaning:


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